Over the past five years, Chevron has supplied more than a dozen continuation cars, mainly B8 and B16 sports cars.

However we have all the necessary drawings, patterns, jigs and body moulds to manufacture continuation models of the entire range of Chevron sports cars from 1968 onwards, including:

B8, B16, B19, B21, B23, B26, B31, B36 and B61.

All are available as rolling chassis or with gearbox or complete and ready to race.

We currently have B8, B16 and B26 continuation cars under construction.

Continuation cars should not be confused with “replicas”. Our continuation cars are manufactured to the correct original specifications and to the correct dimensions. When we supply complete cars we provide the FIA HTP papers. Many “replicas” – which are clearly not manufactured by Chevron – have bodywork that differs substantially from the original, chassis manufactured with incorrect materials and welding techniques as well as very poor quality cast items (such as uprights) manufactured from “second generation” patterns.

Chevron is currently working with the FIA to have these “replicas” banned from historic racing as they differ so substantially from the original specifications.

We can also manufacture continuation models of single seat Chevrons, but this may not be an economic proposition for our clients.

For photographs of some of our continuation cars under construction please visit our gallery.